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Yummy . . . AND No More Itchy Bottom!

Dear Pet Chef: We knew we needed to feed Shiloa some high quality food because she has pancreatic issues.  Thinking that all pricey pet food was the same, we hauled our butts to the local pet store for the big bag every month or so.  When I connected with Pet Chef, I thought “great, they deliver . . . it will save me a trip!”  We were also slightly worried that the food she had been eating might end up on the recall list. 
Loves Pet Chef and No More Itch

Since Pet Chef Express makes their food without any grains, I knew we’d be safe. They actually had more than one formula that would work for Shiloa and her pancreatitis, so we picked Catfish & Potato. You would have thought we put a big juicy steak in her bowl! Although our decision to go with Pet Chef Express was convenience, our otherwise picky dog was chowing down on the new food! We were hugging and kissing Bridget and James!

Now 2 months later, we had another epiphany . . . the skin condition we “had to live with” was GONE! No more oatmeal and aloe shampoo, no more gnawing on her back end, no more flakey skin when we brush her. Way cool!

Thanks James and Bridget . . . for the convenience, the itch-free home, the peace of mind in knowing our dog food is safe, AND for giving Shiloa a meal that she LOVES!

-- Bern, Pat & Shiloa

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