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Pet Food Nutrition

Nutrition Made Simple

Every ingredient in our Pet Chef Express™ pet food serves an important purpose. We carefully blend and manufacture these ingredients to the highest standards for a complete, balanced diet. Pet Chef Express™ is continually reformulating its super premium pet food as nutritional research discovers better ingredients and more health enhancing ways to feed our pets. As an example, Pet Chef Express has removed corn from all but two of its canine foods.

For your pet’s health we use:

  • High quality proteins like eggs, meat and fish
  • Rice for energy
  • Oatmeal for its unique nutritional benefits
  • Beet pulp for the highest level of nutritional fiber with the best balance of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Methionine Methionine &
  • Poultry fat, lecithin, vegetable Poultry fat, lecithin, vegetable &
  • Natural vitamins, including vitamin E for freshness
  • Fortified vitamins
  • Natural minerals
  • Natural tocopherols for freshness

Equally important are the things you won’t find in Pet Chef Express™ food:

  • Artificial colors
  • Chemical preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT excess
  • Crude fiber such as peanut hulls, rice bran, soy hulls or wheat bran which can damage the digestive tract.

Our super premium pet food cater to your pet's needs from weaning through all life stages. The ingredients are chosen for their high nutritional content and digestibility (bio availability). Please take a look at our super premium pet food formulations. If you should have any questions regarding the special dietary needs of your dog or cat, your Pet Chef Express™ distributor will be delighted to help you find the answers. You can count on Pet Chef Express™ to use the most modern and health conscious techniques in the manufacture of your pet’s food.

For Detailed Nutrition Information & Ingredients for Each Formula:

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