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Wolfhound Eats Well, Stays Healthy

"A change to a Pet Chef diet, improved Shaunessy's health and saved us thousands in vet bills."


Gourmet, All-Natural Cat Food

Wow, what a great idea! How did you start?

This is the most commonly asked question from each of our Pet Chef Express family members. The truth is we aren't pure geniuses, although we'd love you to believe that. We were actually introduced to Pet Chef much in the same way you were; we were clients first.

Bridget and James Galloway

You see, we have Shaunessy (our incredible Irish Wolfhound), that we would do anything for. When Shaunessy joined our family she came with strict instructions to feed her only the diet she was on due to her size and rapid growth rate. Being the parents we are, we did not want to upset her routine or stray from the professional's instructions therefore we did as we were told. A few months later a friend who was a breeder of standard poodles asked what we were feeding her. When we told her she informed us, much to our dismay, of a recent report in The Whole Dog Journal showing that particular food to be ranked poor in nutritional value. Naturally we were stupified but that wasn't all, she went on to tell us that she fed Pet Chef and had sent it off for analysis and it came back rated at the top for nutritional value. She was kind enough to share how we too could get Pet Chef food delivered right to our door for actually less money than we were currently paying to lug it around ourselves. We were curious and called for our free sample, shortly thereafter we placed our first order and were hooked.

We truly love Shaunessy despite her trying days but when she first arrived, we spent many hours with trips to the vet for various reasons. However, once we switched her to Pet Chef food those trips became less frequent. Yes, we know you think we make this up so we look good and you join our happy family but it is all true. The most proof we could offer is the fact that when we moved to Atlanta, and discovered there was no Pet Chef food available, we drove back to Nashville every so often for well over a year to get her food. Alright, so we aren't the brightest geniuses in that it took us so long to realize we
should just bring the food here but at last it hit us and we hope that this service will relieve you of not only the stress of remembering to get the food and lugging it in but also enable your pet to have a well balanced, all natural super premium diet so they can enjoy all their years with you in the best health possible!

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or if you would just like a sample we'd love to hear that too. Thanks for giving us a look.

Bridget & James Galloway

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