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Pet Food Recall Information

The recent and unfortunate events affecting the pet food industry have forced frightened pet owners to evaluate the diet their pets are eating. Never in history has so much attention been given to what we feed our four-legged friends.

Pet Chef Express would like to take this time to express our sympathy to those affected by this recall and assure you that our food is now and has always been a safe and healthy diet for your pet. Below are some links to help you and your friends and family determine if you still may have contaminated wet food, dry food or treats in your pantry, as well as learn about the ingredients found in most commercial pet foods and treats.

Our kibble is processed at a private plant in Ohio. All of the ingredients used in Pet Chef’s diets are consistently sourced from U.S. companies and farms with the exception of our lamb which hails from New Zealand. Please click HERE to learn about what is in Pet Chef Express

FDA Pet Food/Treat Recall List

ASPCA Pet Food Recall Resource & Education

Contrasting Grain-Based and Meat-Based Diets Fed to Dogs and Cats
( This is a great article, however, it does contain advertisements from suppliers contrary to the article)

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